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Here we go again…

May 8, 2016

About six years ago I posted about a yard sale we were having in Seattle as we prepared for our move to Vietnam. Last weekend we did it again, and I was reminded of why I hate yard sales.

First, there is the embarrassment of all the @#!& you have collected over the years.
Next, you have priced something that cost you $40 five months ago down to $2 and the lady on the other side of the table is trying to talk you down to $1. You dig your heels in and feel ridiculous when she walks away.
Finally, and this hits me every time, you are emotionally attached to much of the @#!& people are now pawing over.

I was walking to work this morning past a table in our apartment building where people put things they no longer want and are giving away. Many things from our yard sale that did not sell are there and on top was a boy’s  plaid, button down shirt. 20160508_165842

For some reason a flood of memories hit me and I jumped on my Flickr account. Sure enough, I found this photo from many years ago of Trevor in that same shirt.

Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 5.29.05 PM

Moving is emotional in so many ways. It is so painful to say goodbye to people you’ve connected with and places that hold strong memories. But also it is the permanent feeling of closing a chapter in life, with all the good and bad that happened in it. We will miss this place, just like I miss that little guy in his plaid, button down shirt. But I would never trade what I have now for that. We have so much waiting ahead for us in this next chapter. For now, I plan to appreciate every step this last month we have here in Seoul.

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  1. Barbara O'Brien permalink
    May 8, 2016 7:19 pm

    Wow, Mike, I related with so much of what you said. I love having clean clear spaces to live in, but I apparently dislike what it takes to get there more. Without a move to force us into action, our clutter lives on. I have a quote on my frig, “Clutter is delayed decision.” So perhaps you can look forward to your near future being less encumbered with things. Meanwhile, I think it’s just fine that you held out for the $2, and I think it’d be fine to not have to appreciate every step of this journey–some are just darn hard!
    Warm wishes, Barb and family

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